Why Choose Me


SPEED. When your computer is broken you need it running again quickly. You don’t want it sitting in some repair shop backroom collecting dust. This is why I make every effort to get your computer back to you promptly and with all problems resolved. Most repairs are completed in 24 hours or less.


QUALITY. I believe in doing the repair right the first time. I like to think that the customer will remember that when needing future services or giving recommendations.


INTEGRITY. If our initial diagnosis reveals that repairing your computer will cost more than it is worth, I will tell you. I would rather have you happy and return for future needs than charge you for a repair that you will regret paying for.


COMMUNICATION. When you call or come in, I will discuss your needs in plain English. I try not to use technical language as much as possible. If any problems arise, I will let you know right away so they can be addressed promptly.


TRANSPARENCY. My prices are clearly listed on the Computer OR website to give you an idea of what you will pay for repairs. When you come in or call, I am happy to let you know a rough estimate of your total service bill.

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